Our law firm represents and advises businesses large and small in matters

related to the develpment of new products. We help businesses develop ideas,

and, once developed, we work to get that idea to market. While this work

partially involves the law, it also takes advantage of our attorney's business

training. With an MBA from the University of Denver, our product development

lawyer is in an excellent position to help our clients realize their product vision.

We work to help companies develop ideas that can turn into marketable

products, and ultimately, make money for the business.

How our Law Firm Supports New Product Development

We help clients develop new commodities to sell, from designing a new product development process, to developing a marketing campaign for the product once it is at the final stage. We act as a resource and sounding board for clients during the entire process, including:

* Coordinating new product ideas with the business plan

* Exploring the regulatory market

* Identifying financing and investors

* Determining costs and pricing

* Undertaking product development research

* Developing a marketing plan for new product development

* Coordinating needed license and patent applications with affliated intelleclual property attorneys

* Developing a plan for internal or external, contracted services or manufacturing

* Coordinating patent and trademark searches to avoid infringement

* Brainstorming the product name

* Preparing needed contracts such as confidentiality agreements, manufacturing contracts, and development agreements

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